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Benefits of Membership

The Ontario Society of Registered Psychotherapists has so much to offer its members beyond the traditional concepts of a professional association. We do advocate for our members and set a high standard that builds trust with existing and potential clients, and we do so much more. The Society is a community that supports registered psychotherapists through opportunities and events that promote learning and research.

Advocacy & Research

OSRP represents the interests of psychotherapists with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario and with the government. We provide support through the complaints process and help to create awareness of psychotherapy and its benefits with the general public. We also play an important role in furthering psychotherapy research.


Many Registered Psychotherapists work as individual practitioners. Having a community of RPs allows for the sharing of ideas and creates an environment of mutual support. We act to strengthen and unify the psychotherapy profession.

Professional Standards

OSRP advances the standards of psychotherapy by developing high professional standards within our membership. We promote effective and efficient service to all people, fostering responsible personal practice by our members.

Continuing Education Opportunities

We promote educational standards and provide information about opportunities to comply with continuing education standards. 


OSRP publicly promotes psychotherapy concepts and principles to educate the public and build trust and awareness. By helping prospective clients to understand the unique benefits of psychotherapy while reducing the stigma of mental illness, we encourage new business for our members.


OSRP is a not-for-profit membership association with a board of directors elected from the membership. If you would like to receive an information package by mail, please email OSRP with your complete mailing address information to