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History of OSRP

In March of 1991, a group of psychotherapists practising in a variety of modalities met to share their concerns about the development of the theory and practice of psychotherapy in Ontario. The whole idea of an association came from Rita Fridella mentioning to a few therapists that they should have a group to get liability insurance. It was then that the original seven met and decided to form an association with a constitution, membership standards and ethical code.

The seven original members were:

•       Geraldine Fogarty (who became the first president),

•       Rita Fridella (who became the second president),

•       Mary Helen Garvin (who did most of the work on the constitution),

•       Helen Morley and Carl Moore (who outlined the first Code of Ethics),

•       Alisa Hornung and Mary Greey (who set up the original membership qualifications).

These seven met regularly for a couple of years before they invited others to join them. After two years of important work, this effort culminated in the formation of the Ontario Society of Psychotherapists (OSP). In November of 1993, OSP held its first Annual General Meeting.

The original goals of the society were to support mutual learning and enrichment among professional colleagues; to foster commitment to the professional standards set by the OSRP Code of Ethics; to encourage communication through a website and newsletter; to offer referrals across the province; and to represent individual psychotherapists with a collective voice.

Because psychotherapists in Ontario must now be registered with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO) in order to practise, at our Annual General Meeting in November 2018 the membership voted to change the name of the society to the Ontario Society of Registered Psychotherapists (OSRP).

Eight of OSRP’s Past Presidents

Left to Right: Rod Cohen, Pat Archer, Pat DeYoung, Pat Rayman, David Schatzky, Mary Greey, Steve Schklar, Gwen Shandroski.

OSRP's Past Presidents

Ted Leckie: 2019-2020

Claire Watson: 2017-2019

Christina Becker: 2014-2017

Pat Rayman: 2011-2014

Kathleen Foster-Morgan: 2010-2011

Gwen Shandroski: 2009-2010

Susan Stephenson: 2008-2009

Rod Cohen: 2007-2008

Kerry Gordon: 2006-2007

Pat DeYoung: 2005-2006

David Schatzky: 2004-2005

Pat Archer: 2003-2004

Rae Johnson: 2001-2003

Mary B. Greey: 1999-2001

Steve Schklar: 1997-1999

Valerie Gibson: 1995-1997

Rita Fridella: 1993-1995

Geraldine Fogarty: 1991-1993


Recipients of Honours of the Society Award

Madeleine Byrnes: 2019

Susan Stephenson: 2018

David Schatzky: 2017

Pat Rayman: 2016

Geraldine Fogarty: 2015

Jennifer Pearson and Steve Schklar: 2014

Elizabeth White: 2013

Pat DeYoung: 2012

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