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Meet the Editor of prOSPect and the New Chair of Public Relations: Margaret Mikkelborg, M.A.

The article appeared in the Winter 2015 issue of prOSPect

As your new Chair of Public Relations and editor of prOSPect, I would like to introduce myself. I first joined OSP in 1996 after having been in private practice for several years. My initial training in psychodynamic therapy was at the Institute of Self-Healing, which was headed up by Dr. Ross Laing, who had trained at the Menninger Institute in the U.S. Dr. Laing specialized in group psychotherapy and holotropic breath work (based on Stan Grof’s work) and it was a privilege to watch him work with both individuals and couples and to learn from him. He later became one of my advisors for my practicum when I did my graduate work. In 1988 I went on to do Jungian analysis and began working towards a Masters degree with a specialization in Jungian psychology. I graduated with an MA in Counselling Psychology from Norwich University in 1990. My thesis was on The Relevance of the Archetypes in the Empowerment Process for Women.

Prior to beginning to work with Dr. Laing, I did a year-long yoga teacher training at Yoga Centre Toronto. (1985) Through this experience I began to understand how deeply connected emotional trauma is with the body and I sought to understand it more deeply. Later in 2000, I undertook training in the Focusing method based on Eugene Gendlin’s work at the University of Chicago and became an international trainer in the Focusing Method. To this day, I continue to use the principles of focusing, my understanding of the body and breath work in conjunction with my deep love of dream work based on Jung’s understanding of the psyche and the unconscious.

For the past 10 years I have balanced the interior work of psychotherapy with the more “outer” work of teaching English to new immigrants on a part-time basis. This has been very rewarding work, as these new immigrants are often struggling with loneliness, culture shock and alienation, and are eager to feel a sense of belonging in Canada. I often feel like I am talking to the UN, as I meet people from all over the world and all walks of life who want to make Canada their new home.

I look forward to serving as your Chair of PR and hope you will contact me with any issues or concerns in this regard, and that you will all consider contributing an article to prOSPect. I have some prior experience working in this domain — I worked at Centennial College as the Director of Information Services from 1978-80 and I served as the Editor for Connection some years ago. (For those of you who were not a part of OSP at that time, that was the old name for our newsletter.) In addition, I do part-time consulting for a management consulting company,
My other interests include yoga, meditation, reading, metaphysics, philosophy, history and, of course, my family and my pets, a goldendoodle called Bubba and a cat named Nux. I divide my time between Toronto and our home on the shores of Lake Simcoe, outside of Barrie.

We would like to have a theme for some issues of prOSPect and we thought that we would focus on Forgiveness for the April issue. Hopefully that will spark some ideas for new articles! Please consider contributing articles, reviews, letters, etc., on this theme and include forgiveness of self as well of other. Your ideas and input would be most welcome! In addition, we would like to encourage all of you to reflect on any of the pieces in this newsletter and write a short article for the next issue of prOSPect. The deadline for the April issue is April 15.

You can contact me at

Visit my website at
Phone: 705-734-3554
Cell: 416-892-5348

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