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Todd Kaufman

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Practice Name: GenesisSquared Counselling: Neuroplastic Change Coach & Psychotherapy


University of Toronto, TST, 47 Queens Park East, Toronto, ON, CA M5S 2C3




Ready to end your panic attacks and shake that feeling of anxiety and stress? Learn proven practical tools to end your suffering with Toronto's Anxiety Management expert - in person or online. I have taught these practical 'tools' to thousands and watched them discover how to be the best they can be - Even when depression and other challenges complicate their lives.  Unique approaches that can help you master depression, fears, anxiety/panic, or relationship challenges at home or work.

I have coached hundreds in overcoming panic attacks, depression and anxiety with practical tools to make the changes in as little as 5 to 10 sessions. By transforming how you think, you transform your life. I use a broad range of proven techniques best suited for you.  Billing for both psychology and psychotherapy.

Ready for change? Contact me now at 1-800-699-3396 and let's get started.

What my client's say: "What anxiety?!  Thanks, life feels so much better these days!" "My relationships are positively different today, productive, calm and joyous!" "Pre-marriage counselling with Todd gave my fiancé and I a whole set of new tool's to help make our marriage a success."


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