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Alejandra Lindan


Thanks for visiting! It takes a lot of courage to seek support. I’m a Registered Psychotherapist and Accredited Music Therapist. I offer music therapy and counselling to kids, youth, and adults. My work is about offering people a creative space where they can strengthen who they are and how they navigate life.


You might be looking for creative ways to deal with personal loss, relationship troubles or community hardships, or systemic oppression. You might have a mental health diagnosis (e.g., depression, anxiety, borderline personality), or you might not have or want one. We can focus on the issues that you say are important. These might be problems like "it's hard to talk to my parents" or "I feel out of control." They might also be "not-problems," like "I want to make music that I'm proud of."


Based on what you choose, our sessions may involve verbal counselling, music improvisation, song-writing, live and recorded music, or other arts. Our work may range from "mostly or talking" to "mostly music," and often lands somewhere in between the two. Whatever helps you to get what you need most.


As for life experience... I've been a cis white settler for 35 years, and those credentials are pretty problematic! So, I do my best to defer to the lived expertise of people(s) who have been harmed by my privilege or ignorance, so that I can become a better ally. I fail often and persist anyways. As a queer woman and as someone who deals with mental health issues, I have some ideas about what it can mean to try heal in a heteronormative and ableist world. However, I never assume that my experiences allow me to understand anyone else's. I also belong to a community that primarily includes people who are homeless or who deal with really intense poverty.  Friends in my community deal with violence and trauma at every level of the system, and their graciousness and resilience amidst all of this is my strongest foundation in helping me to see the preferred and complex stories of people's lives.


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