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Alyssa Sofia Forman


Sofia is a holistic psychotherapist having completed two psychology masters’ degrees and a doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Her background as a yoga teacher, meditation instructor, and artist inform her approaches to working with mind.  Her years of clinical experience have taken her from work with at-risk youth to those with terminal illness.  Sofia works with the real world issues of our human lives; grief, loss, fear, anxiety, depression, sadness, and doubt.  She works to help people locate the connection between the internal experiences of the mind and the lived experience of the body.  This body-based approach to psychotherapy is a great way to work with the fatigue and hopelessness of chronic pain, illness, work-related stress, relational strains, and ongoing anxiety.  Her goal is to build therapeutic relationships that allow the client to feel safe, express their unique struggle, and explore alternative perspectives to that struggle that might make life a little more manageable.



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