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Andreea Madaras

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Practice Name: Existential Analysis, Counseling and Psychotherapy Services, Vaughan, ON


147 Glenside Drive, Maple, ON, CA L6A 2H8



Why would someone seek my services?

A person can be in great psychological pain and suffer without really knowing how to deal with it or what is creating it. Whether a psychiatric diagnosis have been given to them or not, it does not really matter. They might experience feelings, emotions, thoughts and behaviours that are simply just not working for them. They find themselves confused, lost and that their life has no meaning or is just unbearable, most of the time, given the circumstances that they are living in.

I work with people who are looking for ways of treating their emotional imbalance, psychological blocks and existential suffering and pain. More than often physical pain and illness accompanies their emotional and existential pain, and the experience is that psychological pain is greater than physical pain.

Little do we know that this great pain, is the sign of our humanness, a message to go further and evolve! It is not a mishap or something to be blamed or be ashamed of; it can be a great gift waiting to be unwrapped, in the unfolding of our life, the start of a transformation.

Whether is depression and overwhelm, or an unhealthy, dysfunctional management of negative thoughts, day to day stress or unfulfilling, disharmonious, counterproductive domestic relationships, addiction and the incapacity to connect to what is real for themselves, I am guiding individuals in rediscovering a balanced, well lived life by helping them define who they are and decide the right actions on their own, authentic path. In spite of any confusing, difficult or unbearable circumstance life is worth living.

The key is to take the time and look at what is causing the psychological pain and receive the support to empower yourself to do what it takes to live life on your own terms, to have access and understand yourself as a whole being: physically, emotionally, your thinking process and your spiritual dimension.

Professional Information

English, Romanian
Practice Name:
Existential Analysis, Counseling and Psychotherapy Services, Vaughan, ON
Clients Served:
  • Individuals
  • Daytime
  • Evening
  • Weekend
  • Online Distance Counselling
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