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Andrew Kun


It is my belief that we are meant to be happy and accomplished, and that we are perfect within. “So why,” you may reasonably ask, “am I not feeling that way? Why do I feel angry, hopeless, fearful, lonely?”

Bringing awareness to parts of you that are in pain or struggle and helping them intergrate into a well functioning whole leads to better and happier ways to deal with life’s challenges. It is like combining the sound of different instruments into a beautiful song.

What to expect in a session

In my practice, I am guided by the wisdom of eastern introspective traditions, as well as by modern research and insights into the mind-body connection. My style is open, welcoming and compassionate, creating a setting in which you can feel safe to explore the issues that are concerning you.

My own journey

I grew up immersed in a mix of cultures which helps me relate to different perspectives, so the people I work with tend to reflect the cultural diversity of our city.

I found my calling in helping people overcome obstacles and reach their highest potential. Over the years, I explored different ways to help: as a yoga teacher, volunteering at a distress centre, and learning Reiki, an energy healing modality. A turning point for me was training in the deeply relaxing and healing meditative practice of Yoga Nidra to become a yoga therapist. The many hours of personal therapy (required as part of my psychotherapy training) have further contributed to my personal growth.

I normally work out of my office in Scarborough, at Markham Rd. and Ellesmere Rd. During the pandemic restrictions I only offer on-line sessions via secure video. I am looking forward to supporting you on your quest.

Professional Information

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