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Barry Johnston-Spooner


Change: It’s pretty central to our lives, yes? You may want to be able to change but feel it's not possible. Instead, perhaps you are avoiding change but your life, job, parent, partner, child or ex-partner is “requiring” that you do so — and you know you're in trouble if you ignore that...

There's a wide range of ways we can be in pain and choosing how to get help is not easy. Contact me for a free short consultation by phone (519-686-6822), e-mail:, or visit my website at If you are presently entering the field as a new psychotherapist I would happy to discuss assisting you as I have been supervising Master's level practioners for over 30 years.

Routines, habits, addictions, anxieties, hopes, fears, depression; family or personal myths; dreams and loves — all can seem like tracks controlling us. But they can also be means to explore, help our journey forward to a greater perspective, a sense of security and freedom. In over 40 years of being a therapist, I’ve found we can be “caught”… failing to notice how it is that we have been conditioned — say by our parents, a partner, a work issue, a traumatic event or by worldview beliefs that we hold but haven’t fully examined for ourselves. This leads to anxiety, stress, depression, addiction or relationship conflict. We can have learned that being strong is always positive, vulnerability a failure… As neither of those (or other such beliefs) is the whole truth, we may then become automated into habitual either/or polarizations of ourselves and others; e.g., self is bad/anxious/sad/mad. Others are fine/better, etc.

Set into such habits, their routines control us, those around us, caught in a scripted form of life journey. We’re then living, at least partially, on what I call an “Autopilot” set of automatic programs: rituals of unmindful thinking, feeling and acting. I suggest we’re each learning balance, realizing we need to advocate for Self as well as for Others. Life requires us to embrace Taking in and Putting out mindfully; learning how to be active as well as passive, to include both male and female aspects of ourselves; be logical yet also in touch with our feelings, be able to take time to talk as well as to listen; to teach and to learn. We need both the Yang and the Yin sides of ourselves

 Our world moves on in cycles of space, time and history; of matter, energy and a life story. If we ignore this Yin-Yang dance (and, crucially, in which Way we Balance them...) such a lack of care in our intentions can be costly.

Psychotherapy is really an aid to reflection leading to shifts in awareness, feelings and, therefore, of thoughts, intentions and, thus, changes in our actions. Such healthy learning can certainly be done without a therapist — they just assist. Like hiring any consultant, you need to be in charge.

I live and have my practice in London, Ontario in the Wortley Village area at 40 Windsor Avenue, with substantial connections via video to many parts of Ontario and at least one person in Quebec.

My services are not covered by OHIP and and my standard fee is $120 per full 60 minute hour for individual, couple or family therapy. I am a Registered Psychotherapist and my fees should be covered by company benefit plans. If a face-to-face meeting is not possible, we can also meet via FaceTime or Skype for a video call, or else by phone at 519 686-6822. (that 1-866 number on this page is no longer in service, btw ; > ) ...) All the best, Barry

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