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Débora Kirschbaum Nitkin


I am a Registered Psychotherapist operating a private practice in Toronto, Ontario. Lacanian Psychoanalysis and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy are the approaches that have underpinned my therapeutic work for over twenty-five years. These are forms of treatment that allow us to freely explore your genuine aspirations, and articulate them in your own voice. This can be extremely liberating for people living with different levels of mental distress, because most of this suffering results from efforts to adjust ourselves to norms and expectations established by others, which do not necessarily align with our own ways of experiencing our inner and outer world. As the treatment progresses, you will rely less each time on others’ opinions and perspectives, and will find your own language to express your path in life. This will enable you to connect with others in more pleasant and fulfilling ways, as you become more equipped to engage with.

My work in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis is also augmented by my practice as a Mental Health Nursing professor, researcher and a clinician both in Brazil and Canada. My previous experience with severely ill patients enables me to refine my assessments, skilfully manage crisis intervention, help patients to navigate the health care system, and to support other psychotherapists as an astute and resourceful clinical supervisor.

I work with adolescents, young adults, adults and seniors from diverse gender and racialized groups, struggling with a range of issues that include, but are not limited to, anxiety, depression, trauma, body image, somatizations and psychosomatic phenomena, associated or not with life transitions (separation, grief and loss, academic stress, career choice, aging, parenthood), immigration, and identity issues.

Sou Psicoterapeuta (aqui chamamos Registered Psychotherapist), trabalhando em consultório particular, em Toronto, Ontário. As abordagens terapêuticas que embasam meu trabalho há mais de 25 anos são a Psicanálise Lacaniana e a Psicoterapia Psicanalítica individual e de grupo.Meu trabalho em psicoterapia e psicanálise é também enriquecido pela minha prática clínica, docente, e de pesquisa em Enfermagem em Saúde Mental, tanto no Brasil (UNICAMP, Candido Ferreira-SP) quanto no Canadá.

Tal experiência também me capacita a auxiliar os pacientes a navegar num sistema de saúde intrincado e ainda desconhecido, e dar suporte a outros psicoterapeutas como supervisora clínica, valendo-me de minha perspicácia, sensibilidade e conhecimento teórico-clínico.


Trabalho com adolescentes, jovens adultos, adultos e idosos de diversas nacionalidades, identidades de gênero e étnico-raciais, enfrentando uma ampla gama de questões que incluem, mas não estão limitadas à ansiedade, a depressão, o trauma, a imagem corporal, as somatizações e os fenômenos psicossomáticos, associados ou não às transições na vida (separação, perdas e luto, estresse ligado a desempenho acadêmico, escolha profissional, envelhecimento, maternidade e paternidade), imigração, e questões relacionadas à identidade.

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