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Deborah Birkett


Your religion, spirituality, or culture has become a source of distress, or even suffering—rather than of strength. You’re struggling with feeling pressured to make choices based on cultural/religious expectations and beliefs that don’t work for you, with conflicts in interfaith or multicultural relationships, or perhaps whether to leave or join a religious community. You’ve found yourself thinking, "I don't know who I am anymore, or what I'm doing with my life." Relentless uncertainty or confusion can leave you feeling too drained to cope with life, much less enjoy it. At this point, you just want to feel "not broken."
You are ready to stop suffering. You are ready to heal…ready to recover. As we work together, you’ll learn how manage your thoughts, feelings, experiences, and memories, in ways that allow you to enjoy peace, have successful relationships, and make the most of your life. I can help you realize your dream of being a whole, integrated person.
I provide trauma-certified psychotherapy for individuals experiencing anxiety, OCD, depression, trauma, PTSD, cultural distress, spiritual anguish, religious obsession/OCD, and/or religious trauma. I offer a free 20-minute video consultation to help you determine whether we’re a good fit. Don't wait any longer to stop suffering and start healing.

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