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Kathryn Jackson


Making the decision to try therapy - if you have never done so before - can be a bit daunting. I make every effort to make the process feel safe and secure so that you can explore whatever it is that brings you to therapy. While it is often disappointments, breaches and insecure experiences from the past that hold us back (whether we realise it or not), we can work in the here and now to help you find your strengths. Working with these in the process of therapy, you can move towards a life that feels more regulated, free and fulfilling.

I am an attachment-based, trauma-informed psychodynamic therapist who has trained in a number of other therapeutic approaches as well.As each person is unique, I respond to each person as they are and in their own terms. I don't have a template that I apply to all cases, but am flexible and responsive.

Having lived in many countries around the world, I am particularly sensitive to, and interessted in, working with all kinds of diversity and the feeling of being 'homeless", displaced or of 'otherness'.

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