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Lydia Charak


You’ve been struggling for far too long. Feeling down, irritable, stressed, drained of physical and emotional energy or just plain stuck seems to be your new normal and you’re tired of it. Something isn’t right and hasn’t been right for a while and you don’t want to burden your loved ones anymore with your problems – they have their own crap to deal with. Your relationships and work life are suffering and you just want everything to be OK. Dealing with tough emotions and trauma (those you may be painfully aware of and those that may be long buried) and learning to cope with self-compassion will help get your life back on track.


Imagine feeling yourself again – inspired, creative, happy and in control. What a joy to wake up feeling excited to get on with your day after a good night’s sleep. You feel in sync with your loved ones, lingering issues are resolved, and you finally feel like you can breathe. You’re taking the all-important first step – let me help you get there.


I like to begin with a 20-minute no-obligation phone consultation to find out what you are looking for and how I can help. This ensures we are a good fit and starts the process. Online appointment booking is available for existing clients. Please visit my website to book your free consultation and 1st appointment. I look forward to connecting with you.

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