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Nino Sekopet


“knowing the map is not the same as                                                                                                                           walking the territory” – anonymous                             



There is a story that lies in each of us. A story that wants to be told and waits to be heard. An important and truly original story that forms us through its unique experiences.

Our life story.

Experiences of struggle and intense stress while finding my way as a newcomer; living and working in different countries with different social systems;

experiences of love and conflict, closeness and separation while being in a long distance relationship that turned into a marriage;

experiences of risk, trauma and survival in its most basic sense, while witnessing extreme human behaviour during military service,  are some of defining experiences of my own life story.

It is my deep belief that sharing our story in the genuine presence of another human being, recognizing its significance and accepting its importance, binds our fragmented experiences into a strong and coherent unity. A unity that enables us to tap into our authentic strengths and resources, a unity that restores our sense of belonging and finally a unity that allows us to relax into the complexities of our human existence.

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