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Pamela Millar


As a Registered Psychotherapist, I work with a variety of individual clients who seek a tailored strategy to address issues including relationships, self-esteem, anxiety, anger, depression and parenting, among others.

My practice is client-centric, starting with the right fit to ensure we work together productively, creating a quiet, thoughtful space where we’re able to move at your pace.

Using a psychodynamic approach, I place a practical emphasis on the present, uncovering layers that may be inaccessible, yet play a critical role in informing the current behaviours and patterns you seek to address.

Clients can expect the following during the course of medium-to-long-term therapy:

• Clear, concise communication
• A warm, fully inclusive, boundaried environment
• In-depth and compassionate listening
• A focus on experiences, thoughts, feelings, and dreams relevant to you
• Weekly sessions that allow us to create a cohesive, meaningful, ongoing conversation

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