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Pearl Goodman


It's a fact that talking helps. You'll find that our sessions are rich, interactive and inspiring. We work together to strengthen your resolve, manage your symptoms and increase your ability to choose more consciously. There are many ways to understand your unique circumstances. In my thirteen years of experience, I have developed the ability to tailor a number of psychotherapeutic theories to the specific needs of my clients. With so many stressors, one's point of view can get lost, and yet the greatest and most undervalued resource is yourself. Our sessions make you the focal point, and from there much can happen.

As a Relational Psychotherapist I can help if you are anxious, depressed, angry, negative, experiencing difficulty in your relationships, family of origin, at work, are having have self-image/esteem issues, have addictions, have experienced grief, loss, sickness, are recently immigrated, questioning your sexuality or life's purpose.

I am a qualified clinical supervisor as per the criteria of the CRPO for those in the process of becoming RPs as well as being a mentor to other therapists. I am also a published author of a memoir on the transmission of trauma.

I offer an initial session at no charge so that you can get a first hand sense of the process, and to experience for yourself if this is right for you. Please feel free e-mail me at or to call to book an appointment.

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