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Shelane Donoghue


As most of us know, life presents us with lots of uncertainty and upheaval that makes living the life we want, feel challenging and at times seem unattainable.  When our body is sick, we may seek out a doctor, an osteopath and/or a personal trainer.  When our car needs service, we often look for a reliable mechanic. So too when conflicting emotions arise, our relationships falter and/or we no longer know who we are.  Finding a qualified psychotherapist can help to guide us through these challenging times.

With each individual, group or family I meet, together we look at the current life struggles and past events that are impacting and influencing your and your relationships. By talking, being creative and/or mindfully sitting in silence, in each session, I assist people to give voice and/or find a shape or an expression so that personal stories and emotions can unwind. 

Through this process of discovery unnecessary habit patterns are uprooted. New ways of being are explored, developed and actualized. With each change or shift, with ever increasing wisdom, our life can gradually or instantly be transformed.

Often the answers to life lie within each of us.  Sometimes we need good listeners, a friendly guide who with great compassion reminds us of who we are.  Through this process of liberation, we learn how to live a more compassionate and loving life. No matter how great or how small our suffering feels, acceptance and liberation is possible.

‚ÄčNo charge for initial phone or in person consultation.

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