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Stephanie Conway


I welcome clients from diverse backgrounds looking for support around relationship challenges, attachment injuries, life transitions, parenting, anxiety or loss (and many other issues).  Psychotherapy can help you understand and accept yourself, including your experiences of being emotionally reactive or scared of judgment or reluctant to take take the next step in your life. I enjoy meeting people wherever they are at, which could range from not wanting to delve too deep into feelings but needing some strategies to handle everyday stress, to wanting to make sense of how your upbringing and experiences shape the ways you interact with the world, to having sophisticated understandings of how you are the way you are but needing support to be your best self.  Whatever you come in with, I create a safe environment for you to share, to get an outside perspective and to collaboratively work toward your goals.  I like to remind clients that this is your therapy and that our relationship is there to support you, so it is worthwhile to talk about what is working or not and to adjust as we go along.

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