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Todd Kaufman


Currently taking new patients/clients.

Practical Psychotherapy & Coaching
(Executive and Life Coaching)

  • Founder of The Anxiety Release Protocol (ARP)
    ARP shows you how to end panic attacks, manage stress and re-activate your forgotten superpower!

    ARP is a series of skills and techniques developed out of years of practical work with hundreds of clients who have successfully overcome undue levels of stress, anxiety and panic attacks. This program is unique in its ability to create change. 
  • Executive Psychotherapeutic Coaching (EPC)
    The most successful executives are keenly intentional about their professional relationships. How we perform is a product of who we are and how we show up to others. EPC helps you craft you - empowering you to be your best, and in return experience the best in your professional life.

To see some informative videos, explore blogs on mental health, learn a little more about me, or to book an appointment online, explore my website at www.TheAnxiety.Clinic



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