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Wendy Kirk, MDiv, RP, CIT, RLT


‘Our inner life is often infected by some of the negative “atmosphere” of our upbringing. […]  Our response to such influences is to build a persona inside that is filled with fear, prickliness, and anger – not a very gentle place for us to center ourselves and greet life or form an attitude to welcome others.’

                   Robert J Wicks

If you’re here, reading this, you are probably tired of being in this prickly place and are seeking a gentler spot, with more peace.  The prickly places are important.  They let us know that we need to make change.  It takes a lot of courage and strength to look for help when things are hard.  You will need that courage for the journey ahead.

Whether you have minor changes that you desire, or you want company on a journey through a painful time, or you seek a longer, deeper journey into your being, I’d be honoured to walk with you.

Understanding is the beginning of change.  Being able to catch yourself using those habitual responses and challenge yourself to reassess and modify them into more helpful paradigms, is just the beginning of transition to a much more satisfying and engaging life.  It’s like ‘coming into life’ in a more authentic and congruous way, which will draw others to you, and you to them.

This doesn’t mean that life will stop being challenging, but it will help you be better equipped to deal with the storms as they arise.

Contact me for an appointment and we’ll chart our course together.  My hours are flexible, and in some cases, I can come to you, if we decide that’s helpful.

‘These days … we are apt to seek out a therapist to … help us get the dragon back into its cave.  Therapists of many schools will oblige in this, and we will thus be returned to what Freud called “ordinary unhappiness” and, temporarily, heave a sigh of relief, our repressions working smoothly once again.  Zen, by contrast, offers dragon-riding lessons, for the few who are sufficiently intrepid.’

                   David Brazier

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