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Types of Therapy

Getting to the Heart of the Matter Includes Finding a Therapist and Modality that Best Suits Your Needs 

Psychotherapy assists people just like you to find greater emotional health by talking about concerns and reframing them to overcome personal challenging thought patterns and behaviours. Within psychotherapy, there are many types of  psychotherapists using various approaches to help individuals, couples, and families to take this journey in a way that is suited to their situations and personal needs. It can be very confusing to the general public to differentiate between the different types of therapeutic modalities. When looking for a therapist, it is best to find a therapist that you feel a connection with, rather than to try and figure out what type of therapeutic technique you need, especially since many therapists pull on a number of different modalities, depending on the client. Sometimes it is a good idea to meet with several therapists before deciding who you would feel most comfortable with. 

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