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Why is Psychotherapy Unique?

OSRP Psychotherapists Understand What It’s Like to Be a Client 

At OSRP, we believe that we as psychotherapists can best help our clients through a deeply experienced understanding of the process. When you speak about your personal struggles with your psychotherapist, he or she can empathize with your journey of self-reflection and personal growth because they have experienced a similar process.

Seeing the Opportunities in Emotional Health Issues

Psychotherapists work from the premise that mental and emotional health issues and crises are opportunities for growth and change. This method differs from the traditional medical model that approaches these issues and crises as illnesses that need to be treated.

Helping You Find Your Way to the Heart of the Matter

Psychotherapists generally don’t give advice or suggest solutions. Instead, they focus on building safe and trusting relationships with their clients so together they can reframe their life experiences, leading to a fuller understanding of themselves and their feelings. This process gives clients an active role and sense of purpose in therapy.

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