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Board of Directors

To represent the interests of psychotherapists, to advance the standards of psychotherapy practice and to promote effective and efficient service.


Sonya Gotziaman (she/her)

Chair, Strategic Direction Committee

Sonya Gotziaman has been in private practice for over 30 years and a Clinical Member of OSRP since 1999. She was Chair of the Ethics Committee for several years and is currently Chair of Strategic Direction (formerly known as the Bold Move Task Force).

Sonya is a Sex Therapist, and a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist. She works with individuals, couples and families. Sonya has volunteered for many organizations and also has extensive experience in Education Advocacy. 

Sonya grew up in Northwestern Ontario and loves to be outside canoeing, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing or inside reading. She currently lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba but maintains a practice in Toronto, Ontario.

You can follow Sonya on Twitter at @sonyagotziaman or on Facebook at Sonya Gotziaman, Toronto Imago Therapist, or learn more about her on her website

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Liane Wood


Prior to making a career change to psychotherapy, Liane worked for over 25 years as a registered insurance broker, culminating in owning and operating her own insurance brokerage. She sold her business in 2016 with the intention of pursuing studies in psychology.

Liane is a Registered Psychotherapist (RP) who has combined her education in the mental health field with her own personal experiences. To pursue her passion for helping others, and after many years volunteering as a peer counsellor, Liane went back to school to study psychotherapy at a master’s level in Toronto, attending the Transformational Arts College of Spiritual and Holistic Training. She graduated from the Spiritual Psychotherapy program, which combines spirituality with psychotherapy in an innovative approach that addresses the needs of the soul and spirit, as well as the human experience.

Liane is also a Certified Havening Techniques Practitioner. The Havening Techniques®, which utilize current neuroscience, can help with many issues, including distressing memories, trauma, fear and pain. Havening is a psycho-sensory technique that uses the sensory input of touch, imagination and attention to create lasting change.

With the help of her service dog, Harley, Liane works at not only improving herself, but also at helping others who are searching for a path to mental vitality.

Liane is excited to be working with the RP community as a Member-at-Large on the board of the OSRP.

You can follow Liane on Facebook at and on Instagram

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Andrea D'Onofrio

Chair, Advocacy Committee

Andrea is a therapist in private practice in Toronto, focusing on a holistic and integrative approach in her work with individuals.

Prior to becoming a psychotherapist, Andrea had a career as a buyer in the fashion retail industry, working for many major retailers. After following the call to seek more meaningful and fulfilling work, Andrea completed a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology at the Adler School of Professional Psychology in Chicago. Adler’s holistic approach, focusing on mind-body connection, wholism and community spirit, resonated with Andrea and informed the development of her current multi-modality practice focused on whole person health and healing.

Committed to social change, justice and strengthening communities, Andrea began volunteering with RoncyWorks in 2012 and remains committed to helping others. She values proactivity and efficiency and was compelled to join the OSRP based on the commitment demonstrated to the profession by its members, as well as the impressive advocacy accomplishments surrounding important issues affecting the practice of RPs. She looks forward to contributing and taking action towards the advancement and resolution of practical issues affecting the profession.

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Liz Phillips

Chair, Connection Committee
(formerly the Membership Development Committee and the Membership Committee)

Liz Phillips is a therapist in private practice with two decades of previous experience in communications writing and organizational administration. Throughout her career, Liz has focused on social change, primarily in not-for-profits. She believes that social change starts with people who feel good about themselves. That’s why she moved into working therapeutically. Liz believes that people who are supported to heal old pains and grow empathy for themselves and others can respond to human struggle with flexibility, curiosity and compassion.

Liz has trained in relational psychotherapy (at the Toronto Institute for Relational Psychotherapy), trauma-informed sensorimotor psychotherapy (Levels I and II) and couples therapy (Emotionally Focused Therapy). Her current practice includes a mix of couples and individuals. She is starting a relationship-focused practice called Relate Psychotherapy with OSRP Board members Ted Leckie and Erin Griffin in 2019.

Liz brings member orientation and retention experience to her role as Chair of OSRP’s Membership Committee. As Leasing Coordinator at the Centre for Social Innovation (CSI) for almost a decade (CSI is a group of co-working spaces in Toronto that co-locates and cross pollinates social entrepreneurs), Liz focused on getting new members into each of the three buildings, providing member orientation workshops and ensuring she met ongoing member needs through a variety of touch points.

In the same entrepreneurial spirit, but with a goal of connecting therapists to each other and to the supports they need, Liz joined forces with Ted Leckie and Erin Griffin in 2016 to create Therapists Connect. A community-support network for therapists in private practice, Therapists Connect offers peer-led workshops and much-needed social events to help alleviate the professional and social isolation that can occur in private practice. Since its inception, Therapists Connect has grown from 90 to 250 members and continues to grow. One of the defining and best-loved features of Therapists Connect is an active email listserve where members share event information, referrals and other content pertinent to therapists in private practice.

Liz believes that creating this networking group has been a great training ground for learning about what resources therapists most need. Liz not only brings to the OSRP Board her strength in connecting people to each other and to the events that best suit members’ interests and needs, she also brings her decades of writing and editing experience, allowing her to clarify, strengthen and enliven important messages for maximum connection and impact. She is looking forward to building on the great accomplishments of the OSRP and to creating more supports for Registered Psychotherapists in Ontario. Liz believes that psychotherapists who feel secure in their community and professional support have the resources to do the hard and rewarding work of helping others.

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Sarah Angela Clarke

RP (Qualifying)


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Hazel Da Breo


Hazel is a psychotherapist, lecturer, author, consultant, and runs an NGO

She lives with her family and three German Shepherds, and enjoys horseback riding, kayaking and traditional archery. She feels very privileged to serve on the board of the OSRP.

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Christina Williams

RP (Qualifying)

Christina Williams is a registered psychotherapist in Northern Ontario. She has recently completed a Masters of Science. She works in private practice and as a school counsellor and had previously worked in the inpatient/ outpatient psychiatric unit of her local hospital.

Christina works to service her local First Nations population, youth, women and those experiencing a variety of struggles including, but not limited to, trauma, adoption, anxiety and personality disorders. Though she takes an eclectic approach, she has experience in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, BRISC, Narrative Therapy and Spiritual counselling.

Christina is excited to be on the OSRP Board to advocate for RPs as they work to provide much needed services to their communities.

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