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Alli McColl Brooks


Through curiosity, mindful presence and compassion I support support clients in setting and reaching goals, breaking habitual patterns and finding better ways of coping with the pain and stress of life. I work with people on a variety of issues including depression, anxiety, life transitions, relationship difficulties, parenting, self-esteem, grief and loss. I have decades of experience asking thoughtful questions, offering emotional support and helping people to learn and grow. 
I draw from a variety of therapeutic modalities but primarily I focus on Mindfulness, Self-Compassion and Emotional Focused/ Sensorimotor Therapy. Working collaboratively, you discover new, more sustainable ways of coping that come from your own awareness and experiences. You decide what is and is not working for you, you define progress and you develop a sense of self that is cohesive and true for you. I want you to give me feedback, tell me what is and isn’t working so that we can properly celebrate progress and explore setbacks with curiosity and compassion. I also work within an anti-oppressive, trauma-informed, feminist framework that situates human struggles as systemic issues not personal failings.

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