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Heather Ripmeester


There are times in our lives where dark clouds roll in. The rain falls hard and heavy. We sit by the window and watch hoping for the sun to shine again. During such dark times, we reach out to family members for support, but family isn't always available to offer hope. If I have to define my practice in one word, that word is SAFETY. Safety means building a professional relationship based on trust and communication. It means working together to set a pace and direction. It may be processing traumatic memories or taking a break. This is something we work out together.
My qualifications include a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology, EMDR and Theraplay. I integrate the Polyvagal Theory, Person-Centred, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and other approaches into my sessions.
I really love my career helping people. I love joining alongside someone to help them process grief, harmful memories or negative thoughts. I love the collaborative nature of therapy and the hope it brings.

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