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Tamara Reynolds


You never forget the trauma or the traumatic event that happened. Sometimes people feel like they are overwhelmed and can't find a way to express what they're feeling. That's where I come in. I have worked with people who suffer from anxiety, stress, depression, grief and PTSD and have seen some results with the art projects and directives that I use to help them develop coping skills and understand what's going on in their brain. They find that they feel better about themselves and their self-esteem. I work with the inner critic, incorporate mindfulness activities and  some fun things as well. Therapy is serious, but you can still have fun exploring your artistic side without being an artist, in a non-judgemental environment, because art therapy isn't about being an artist. It's about  the process and enjoying your creations. You might find that you do have some artistic talent along the way. We can talk about the hard things, or you can just sit quietly and create art. I usually conduct 12 sessions of art therapy with clients with the option of extending it in consultation with you and how you're progressing. The sessions are weekly and for an hour at a time which is just enough time to get into an art project. My focus is on you and helping you to develop your coping skills to handle whatever comes your way. 

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